Ways You Can Get Past your Competition with Mobile Billboard Advertising

Mobile Billboard Advertising: Direct and Efficient Marketing for your Business
June 2, 2018
Mobile Billboard Advertising – a Perfect Alternative to Expensive Advertising Mediums
June 2, 2018
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Ways You Can Get Past your Competition with Mobile Billboard Advertising

Billboards are a very popular way of advertising a brand, business, or products and services. They are located outdoors for people to see. Different types of businesses and various organizations advertise on billboards. With increased innovations in the industry, the types of billboards available today are no longer limited to those you can find near highways or interstates. Mobile billboard advertising is one of the most popular ad campaigns companies currently use to promote their business or brand.

Mobile billboard advertisements are among the most valuable and reliable methods of delivering a business’ marketing content. They are impossible to miss, and the ability to move anytime and anywhere is a great advantage. So, being mobile is becoming today’s excellent trend, does it mean it is better than static billboards you can find out there?

Mobile Billboard VS Static Billboard

If you are an advertiser, you’ve probably faced this dilemma. Many advertisers today are faced with a decision on whether to employ static billboards or mobile billboards in their business advertising campaign. Let’s delve deeper into these two billboard advertising methods and know whether mobile billboards are really taking the lead or it’s the otherwise.

Definition – Though both of these are outdoor methods of advertisements, they vary on the location where they are placed. Mobile billboards, otherwise known as truck advertising are placed on truck sides. Basically, mobile billboard advertising is billboard on wheels. A static billboard, on the other hand, remains in one location.

Targeting – Although both of these options help to establish general brand awareness, many advertisers aim to cater their strategies directly towards a certain target audience. In this case, mobile billboard advertising is more beneficial than static billboards. Since your advertisement would not be in just a single place, you will be able to reach more and larger target audience. You can also place it in a specific location to reach the specific audience that you are targeting.

Visibility – Static billboards are often located in places where there are a lot of competitors. They are often positioned next to other advertisements, which can be hurtful to your business. Mobile billboards, on the other hand, don’t face this problem because the vehicle will be moving constantly. This means that there is less clutter so people can fully focus on your advertisement.

It has also been shown that eighty-two percent of viewers of mobile billboards will read the whole advertisement. This is a pretty good number in comparison to static billboards. One of the main factors of this is that people may not have sufficient time seeing the entire advertisement on static billboards, especially when they are driving. They might have just a glimpse of it but not be able to read and view the whole thing.

A mobile billboard advertisement provides sufficient time for customers and viewers to see the whole length of the advertisement. This is clearly a wonderful benefit of mobile billboards over the static ones. Not seeing the ad could mean that the audience is missing out on vital information about the business or services of the ad.

The Costs – The cost per thousand impressions or CPM refers to the term used to indicate the overall cost of one-thousand impressions received from an advertisement. Basically, the number of impressions is equivalent to the number of times that your ads were viewed or reached by a customer. The number of impressions achieved by an advertisement is an indication of the campaign’s relevancy.

The CPM for mobile billboard advertisements is .75 to 2 dollars, as opposed to the 3-5 dollars CPM of static billboards. Thus, mobile billboards generate lower CPMs than other types of outdoor advertising like static billboards.

In addition, it is much cheaper to use mobile billboard advertising than the static one. The process is also simple, quick and convenient. This makes it a great option for those who want to advertise their business in an easy and stress-free manner.

The Verdict

After comparing these two types of billboard advertising techniques, the winner is very clear. A great value for your money is attained when you use mobile billboard for your advertising method. It is unique, effective, and very affordable.