Why Mobile Billboards Work For Local Businesses

Mobile Billboards offer several advantages, it cannot be “un-seen”, turned off, crumpled up or thrown away.
Your message is delivered straight to your audience or target area.

94% of respondents recalled mobile billboards with an amazing 80% recall of specific ads.

Product Acceptance and Research, Inc

Mobile billboards boost name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising.

European Outdoor Advertising Assoc.

96% of respondents said mobile billboards work better than traditional outdoor advertising.

Outdoor Advertising Magazine

91% of target audiences said they noticed both the ad’s graphics and text.

American Trucking Association

Why Our Mobile Billboard Solution Is Right For You...

Be at the right place at the right time to showcase your products and services.

Why I'm Here Advertising is the best?

Affordable pricing, various options available, we stay on your budget.

The advertising world can be complex and difficult to navigate. Mobile billboard advertising is an effective and unique way to reach a large audience while still being able to target people’s specific populations. Unlike other types of advertising today, you will have a high level of control over your mobile billboards.

If you want to set up an efficient mobile billboard advertising campaign, please do not hesitate to contact our company. For years, we have worked with hundreds of businesses and brands to achieve their goals and expand their market reach. Contact us today and allow our experts to help you stand out in the market.

Luis Alvarez

General Director

Founder of I'm Here Advertising New York, New Jersey Divisions.

David Blackmore

General Director

Founder Of I'm Here Advertising Orlando Florida Division.

About us

At I’m Here Advertising, we offer mobile billboard advertising services designed to make an impact for your brand without consuming your marketing budget.

We help create mobile billboard ad campaigns for your products and services based on your needs, your market and your budget.

We pinpoint the best routes in your market area and identify the best time of day or evening to maximize exposure.

Nothing is more impressive than a huge bright moving screen – with YOUR name on it! This is where “I’m Here Advertising” comes in—possessing the state of the art 7 mm mobile LED screens that will display your message to target the audience in your area of choice. Do you want to be seen in your neighborhood, on the coast, or nationwide? This advertisement is the most direct way to reach the customers in your market! Trucks available across US.

Our mission is aligned with the mission of local small business owners – to engage a vast number of people with the goal to support local enterprises. We recognize the importance of marketing for your growing business and are committed to delivering the highest quality of exhibition for the greatest impact and customer attraction.

Advertising In Action

See how we deliver for local business

I’m Here Advertising is energized and motivated to propagate the brand and message of your organization with the most direct form of advertisement currently available: mobile LED screens. Trucks with projector screens will display your name in bright lights in a video or still picture format, making it impossible for bystanders to look away. The fleet is equipped with GPS, allowing for an easy tracking of your ad.